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MTPPA Membership

MTPPA is the Middle Tennessee Chapter of NIGP, the National Institute for Governmental Purchasing. Membership is open to those employed in purchasing in the various governmental entities of Middle Tennessee. Dues are only $20 per year and meetings are usually held on the third Thursday of each month. For a schedule of meetings, programs and training events, please check our Schedule of Events or newsletter.

MTPPA provides professional enrichment and leadership as well as networking opportunities for those employed in the field of governmental purchasing. Our organization offers many opportunities that will enhance the professional skills of our members.

To join MTPPA now, print and fill out our Membership Form and mail to:

Vice President of MEMBERSHIP
Kyle Kegley
Military Department
3041 Sidco Drive
Nashville, TN 37204

Amy Wheeler, CPPB
Nashville Electric Service
1214 Church Street, Room 305
Nashville, TN 37246

MTPPA invites all eligible to become members. Membership in the chapter is open to:

(A) All public institution procurement personnel including Federal, State, County, municipal and township activities, public school systems, colleges, universities, hospitals, commissions, authorities and any other political subdivisions of the State, and that are eligible to hold membership in NIGP.

(B) Full time employees of NIGP member agencies provided he or she spends a portion of their time involved in purchasing or the materials management function.

(C) National members of NIGP.

(D) Anyone in the middle Tennessee area that holds NIGP certifications of CPPB or CPPO. To join MTPPA print the application and mail along with your payment for annual dues of $20 to the address indicated above.

To print application, go to your browser's File menu, and choose the print command. Please join us!